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FEB 15-17 – 2018


Future Projects

31-7-2017 08:32 AM

The Deniliquin RSL Fishing Club will continue to raise money in various ways which enables us to continually improve the quality of fishing and the facilities along the Edward River system.

Recent projects completed include;

Fish identification signs have been placed in 11 different locations to help educate the increasing number of anglers fishing in the Edward and surrounding waters.

Providing ongoing support of the Pygmy Perch project by the Catchment Management Authority in the town lagoon system.

Providing ongoing support in the upgrade to Mcfalls Park which included a bird hide and educational seating.

with the increasing popularity of fishing in Deniliquin we were lucky enough to have the crew from “I Fish” filming an episode of there show here and promoting our town.

Our ‘wish list’ of future projects will continue to evolve along with the needs of the fishing community and in consultation with appropriate authorities.

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